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On this page we have compiled useful information for you to have a pleasant stay with us. You will find our address, contact options and answers to frequently asked questions.


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Our answers to frequently asked questions.


Apothekergasse 5
69117 Heidelberg


Please feel free to contact us with your request. We will take care of your message as soon as possible.


What is the minimum number of nights to book (minimum rental period)?
3 nights
What is the maximum time I can book an apartment?
You can stay up to 6 months. So-called “temporary living” is possible with us.
What is the difference between a vacation apartment and temporary living?
The length of stay and the price (cheaper for a longer stay).
Is the rent reduced for a long-term stay?
Yes, if you stay for more than 2 months, the rental price will be cheaper. Please contact us and we will be happy to make you an offer.
Which (additional) costs are included in the rent?
The following additional costs are included in the rental price: Heating, electricity, water, sewage, garbage, internet, taxes. If you register through the Residents’ Registration Office (for stays longer than 6 weeks), you must register yourself with the GEZ and pay the fee.
For what reasons do guests stay in these apartments?
Our guests are tourists, business people, seminar participants, university professors, doctoral students, people visiting relatives in Heidelberg, patients undergoing treatment in Heidelberg, etc.
How do I cancel a booking and get a refund?
Let us know your cancellation request by email. You will receive your refund in relation to our cancellation policy.
What means of payment are accepted?
Bank transfer and Paypal.
How do I change a booking?
Write to us by email and we will check your change request.
Do I have to clean the apartment at the end of the rental period?
No, you only must take away the garbage and leave the apartment tidy.
Can I bring a pet, e.g. a dog?
No, unfortunately not.
Do you provide a cot and a high chair?
Yes, on request we provide a cot and a high chair for you.
Do I have to bring bed linen, towels, dish towels?
No, we provide bed linen and towels.
Is there a hair dryer, ironing board, iron?
Can I get an invoice with input tax?
Yes, we will issue an invoice with 7% VAT upon request.
What is the procedure of handing over the keys?
You will receive 2 codes from us by email a few days before your arrival. One for the front door and one for the apartment key.
Can I arrive late in the evening or at night?
Yes, since you will receive 2 codes to let yourself in, you can also arrive at night.
Is there WIFI in the apartment?
Is smoking allowed in the apartment?
Is the apartment suitable for people with allergies?
Yes, for the most part. Most of our apartments are furnished in an allergy-friendly way and have, for example, no carpeting but tiles or parquet flooring. In addition, we provide an air purifier recommended for asthmatics and people with allergy with special technology to eliminate fine dust, mold, bacteria, mite allergens, pollen and many other pathogens.
Where can I park my car?
The apartment is in the Old Town and there are 3 public parking garages very close by: Kornmarkt (2-minute’s walk from the apartment). Karlsplatz/Rathaus- Karlsplatz (5-minute’s walk from the apartment) Parking garage Unibibliothek – Sandgasse (5-minute’s walk from the apartment) Free parking (but not within walking distance): Neuer Messplatz – 3 km from the apartment, reachable by bus.
Feel free to check apartment availabilites in our Heidelberg House or learn more about us.