About Us


We - the Fränznick family – introduce ourselves.


We are very pleased that you have found your way to our website and maybe already to our Heidelberg House! We - that is the Fränznick family: Martina and Peter with our two "children" Anafee and Jasper. And our third child: the Heidelberg House, with which we have fulfilled our dream of offering guests the comfort of a second home in Heidelberg.

A Diamond in the Rough.

When Jasper and Anafee moved out for their studies in 2011, we decided to buy the house in Heidelberg’s picturesque old town. In the 15th century, this house had housed the forester’s workshop of the castle. At the time of purchase, however, the house was in really poor condition. For 60 years, hardly anything had been repaired: the bathrooms were ancient, heating was provided by gas stoves, the walls were damp, and many passageways made living less than comfortable. A diamond in the rough.

The Renovation

We started the renovation of the “Mezzanine” in 2011. Perhaps you can imagine the surprises that an approximately 600-year-old house holds in store: rotten load-bearing trusses, requirements imposed by the Office for the Protection of Historical Monuments, floors with a height difference of 14 cm from one corner of the apartment to the other, and much more. For months, we were at the construction site almost every weekend, planning, surveying progress and solving unforeseen problems.

The Heidelberg House.

Today we are mighty proud and very happy about the result:

  • Modern bathrooms with underfloor heating provide comfort even in the depths of winter.
  • With the installation of the dormers and the dissolution of passage rooms, we were able to open up new living space.
  • A sleeping area with an incredible castle view and an open feeling of space was created in the attic of the “Castle View”.
  • We were able to restore and preserve the baroque stucco ceilings and two very old doors and frames in the “Bel Ètage”.
  • The roofing of the courtyard and the removal of 80 cm of soil made the “Coach House” possible in the first place.
  • The loving and high-quality furnishings of the apartments invite you to linger and let your soul dangle.

This is how four vacation apartments came into being, in which we feel right at home and in which we ourselves like to stay. We still do this with pleasure, also to find out what is missing to feel comfortable and at home or what needs to be renewed or redesigned. Since we want to maintain this standard at all costs, we are grateful for every hint and suggestion for improvement from our guests. We hope that you will feel as comfortable with us as we do. The Fränznick family wishes you a wonderful stay at the Heidelberg House! Martina, Peter, Anafee and Jasper Fränznick